Previously on Everyday Superhero Training: The Quest!

The exciting finally of our Quest Class  

This weeks level up workout! Prepare to do things you've done before...only better!

We had a lot of fun crafting The Quest for you all. While the story line is on hiatus, WE WILL STILL BE HAVING CLASS. So make sure to sign up and drop by so you you can keep up to date and prepare for the next mission! Can't make it to class? Don't panic! Use our exercise library to put together your own Superhero Field Training workout. Choose at least 1 combat, 1 rescue, and 1 rooftop exercise, in that order. 

We spent the summer experimenting with the quest portal, updating you on the story progress and providing hints and tips to make "leveling up" a fun experience out side of class. How did you feel about it? Please let us know! Is there anything you think could help the digital portal? Let us know in the (totally anonymous) form below.