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  • 1015 West Kirkland Avenue
  • Nashville, TN, 37216
  • United States

Deadlift For The Real World
A seminar on how to deadlift for beginners, structural integrity, and the real world.
Learn how to program for yourself based on your current life demands!

Our goal is to give people a chance to experience our unique perspective on health and fitness with a more in depth focus than a traditional hour session or class allows for. 

Everyone will leave the seminar with a stronger understanding of how to work with deadlifts, how to use deadlifts to deconstruct what you should focus on in your workouts, and a filled out EST programming sheet based on what you learned.

The seminar will be open to everyone.
$15 regular ticket
$10 ES Members
ES Member who brings a first timer will be $5 each
You can buy a ticket by clicking the sign up button below or email us to register and pay cash day of.