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Anatomy of a Nerd

Anatomy of a Nerd

Here at Everyday Superhero Training we label ourselves as nerd based health and fitness, but what does nerd based really mean? What makes someone a nerd? Society tends to define a nerd as someone who likes sci-fi, anime and/or video games. It can even look down on them as having childish hobbies, being socially inept, or being immature. While that some of that, to some level, for some people, is true, it does a poor job of defining the nerd-dom as a whole. There are a few characteristics though that make a person a nerd and these are also what we look at and for when we talk about being "nerd based" well as sci-fi and video game references of course.

Unbridled Enthusiasm

The easy way to know if someone is a nerd about something is to ask them a simple question on the subject. If they give you a simple, logical, or even a short but entertaining answer they are not a nerd. They may know a lot about the subject, they may truly enjoy the subject, but they are not a NERD on the subject. If however they not only answer your question, but also five questions you didn't ask, three you didn't think of asking, and one you don't actually understand, all without stopping to take a breath, then they are a nerd. This is an extreme example obviously but you get the idea. A nerd is someone who is willing to jump in, wholeheartedly and truly, passionately, love something. It's this enthusiasm which is the biggest give away of someone's nerdiness because they are often so excited and enthralled in a subject that its impossible not to pick up on it. 

Slight Obsessiveness

Some people may view this as a fault (and in some cases it can be) but it is often a great attribute. While becoming obsessed about something to the point of neglecting family, work, or other obligations is extremely unhealthy a little obsessiveness can be a great thing. Every great inventor or artist was incredibly obsessed. I think the problem these days is we tend to quantify what is worthy of being obsessive about and often those qualifiers are the opposite of what they should be. We hold up being a work-a-holic as a great thing, even if we hate our job. Yet we put down someone who spend their whole weekend at a renaissance fair as childish and a waste of time even though that may be much more creatively, emotionally, and mentally fulfilling.

Child like Joy

One of the reasons nerds tend to gravitate towards sci-fi and fantasy based stories and hobbies more than other people, is they are avid users of their imagination. Surprisingly this is also what makes nerds better at solving real world problems. This is because they don't just look at a problem for what it is and known factors but are actually able to use their imaginations to invite totally new options. Albert Einstein famously said "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Knowledge is great but it is only through imagining the unknown that we can invent, improve, and grown beyond what we are. 

Enthusiasm, obsessiveness, and imagination just like a muscle or any other skill can be trained...and you thought I wasn't going to talk about training in this one...that's right you can train to be a better nerd, a bigger nerd, a SUPER NERD!! Like everything else it's about building in the right habits. You can also use basic training and habit building to improve upon your general nerdiness or for a specific hobby. If you have a goal like that in mind please let us know and we can help you with a program to get you there.