Exercise is the single greatest thing you can do for your body. If there were a pill that could take care of all the benefits, big and small, that you get from exercise, it would be the most commercially successful product in the known world. Exercise on its own IS NOT great or efficient for weight loss. It shapes your body and mind for the better, but also requires a whole lot more energy to process. This increases your appetite and need for food. Thus losing weight from exercise without regulating your nutrition is extremely difficult.


There is a huge disconnect between what exercise is, what exercise is for, and how exercise is advertised. No other industry would be allowed to exist for the length of time fitness has if it followed the same model.

Imagine if you will, playing on a brand new Xbox or Playstation gaming system. Next week an even newer version of your gaming console is being released and in order for Microsoft or Sony to reach their sale goals they must convince you to ditch the one you already have.

Continue to imagine playing video games on your console. After some time you set down the controller to rest your hands and eyes a little bit. There is a magazine flipped open on the coffee table next to you. On the page of the magazine is an advertisement for the brand new console that is set to take over the world and leave yours in the dust. All it has is the console logo and the following information:

GPU - 6 teraflops (TFLOPS), 40 customized compute units @ 1,172MHz

Memory - 12GB GDDR5 RAM

Memory Bandwidth - 326GB/s

Storage - 1TB 2.5-inch

There is no photo of gameplay. There is no listing or showing of game titles, and the video advertisements dont show footage or give any sense of the style and genres of experience that will be provided. Can you disertain from the info listed above what to expect from the new console or why it may be worth $400 compared to the currently free console you just played?

Some of you might! That's great. Congratulations, in the world of exercise you are the equivalent of an athlete, a bodybuilder, a fitness enthusiast, or an industry professional.
You make up 1% of the worlds population. That's approximately how many people voluntarily want to pursue clinical exercise. Clinical exercise is needed to pursue specific physical goals, or in response to chronic onset health issues or sudden trauma. These are the smallest and least enjoyable forms of exercise. Yet they are the entire focus of how exercise is marketed!

Movement is the primary reason we have a nervous system. Your body rewards you for moving by heightening your senses, elevating your mood, increasing your concentration and flooding your brain with chemicals that give you a sense of purpose. That sense of purpose powers your dedication and is contagious. A huge portion of what most people call pride, or a reason to get up in the morning, is literally missing from your consciousness when you prevent your body from regularly moving.

The sole purpose of having a body capable of movement is to keep your meat sack of a body from being eaten, or to catch things to eat yourself. Exercise is how the primal lizard brain part of you is taught to exist and thrive. It's practice for not dying. Your body wants so badly to not die that it creates the sensation of fun as a response to practicing it. It's the same reason sex feels so good. How many people would be honestly willing to go through the torture of labor and play dates if sex was equally painful? Well the pleasure sensors ringing in your brain from sex are eerily similar to the ones created from exercise.

Pursuing enjoyment is the fundamental lesson we wish everyone to practice. The strongest sensations of enjoyment you can create for yourself come from exercise. This isnt about being good at something. This isn't talking about getting better at something. This is attempting to have as much fun as you can. Doing so is simple. Your body and nervous system considers exercise as practice for fighting monsters. Each day you want to alternate between fighting a monster, escaping a monster, and playing with a monster's cub.
In between those things is desire, mental focus, drive, and a sense of purpose. Which is also known as a work ethic.

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