There are three skill sets that you must be proficient in if you plan on fighting the forces of evil. They are equally important and all featured in our Superhero Field Training Class. The skill sets are:



Lets make something abundantly clear. As a superhero, combat is NOT simply punching someone in the face. Anyone can throw a punch. Some people can even throw two! The problem is bad guys punch back and REFUSE to stand still. Moving also happens to be exhausting, and the innocent people you are trying to save tend to get in the way.

In order to successfully navigate a combat encounter, you need to be able to punch the bad guy repeatedly, while not getting punched yourself, AND without accidentally punching any innocents. We train for this by exercising physical problem solving.  

Physical problem solving is the ability act quickly and accurately in prescribed pattern.

While helping you to better fend off evildoers, practicing physical problem solving comes with a host of other health benefits:  

- Improves cognitive function/memory. (This helps battle aging)

- Improves coordination and balance 

- Improves your ability to learn new things



When you encounter a rescue situation, you need to be able to pick something up AND move it to a secondary location without hurting yourself, the thing you are carrying, or any bystander that gets in your way. You need to know ahead of time what your lifting and carrying abilities are prior to engaging a rescue effort.

If you attempt to lift something that you can't, you break. 

If you are unable to move with something after picking it up, you and the object die. 

If you manage to pick something up, AND move it to a safe location, but violently drop what you are carrying onto the ground......You just succeeded where the evildoer had failed. 

Training for rescue encounters requires working strength with as much control over a movement as possible. 

There are a bunch of lovely health benefits that come from strength training:


- Muscle growth and/or tone. 

- Increased bone density (to battle aging and osteoporosis). 

- Promotes sustainable, long term body composition changes (fat loss, and body shape).




Simply put, the quickest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line. In order to succeed in a rooftop scenario, you need to be able to grip, hold, hang, and swing from the tiniest of holds, while also contorting and stabilizing your body into awkard positions, and managing to jump, duck, roll, and dive at the right times to avoid running into things.

 A rooftop encounter isn't strictly going to always take place on roofs over the city. Sometimes it's as simple as scaling a fence, or jumping stair case railings for a quicker descent, other times it's climbing up the outside of a balcony to gain an advantage over bosses hideout.

In order to prepare for rooftop scenarios we focus on a mix of calisthenics and plyometric work.  As a bonus for training in this manner, you may find some health building advantages, such as:

- Improved ranges of motion/ feeling less stiff. 

- Feeling lighter or less strain on your joints

- Better control of your body (battles aging by preventing falls and being able to get up IF you fall.

 "Hey! What about all that cardio!? You said that all superhero work requires a strong cardio threshold!"

Yes. As a superhero you will have to face cardio everywhere, all the time. You have to be able to switch from one skill set to another smoothly, and with out too much time to catch your breath in between. This is why our Superhero Field Training class always spends time on each skill set, back to back to back. Your brain may get a rest from boxing during squats, and your legs may get a rest while working pull ups, but switching between all three keeps your heart and lungs from getting too much of a break. That's where the cardio is.

A great benefit of training all three of these skill sets, is that they help each other out. The skills gained in combat training help you make quicker and better judgement calls when on the move over rooftops. The added strength from your rescue training help make doing pushes, and pull ups easier. The added speed and power built from the rooftop training, give your punches and kicks the desired THUMP you are looking for.

If you want to learn more about how to blend to exercise to the needs of your job, a hobby, or your everyday life demands, make sure to check out our ebook “How to Train for The Life You’re Currently Living Part 2: Superhero Special Moves”