Some of the most frustrating things I hear on an almost weekly basis are things like:

“Your class looks fun. Once I'm in better shape I'm going to come check it out.”

“I'm just not in good enough shape right now to exercise”

“I’m too old, I can’t exercise anymore.”

“I need to lose some weight so I can feel confident hiring a trainer.”

It’s a paradox right?

You can’t workout because you’re out of shape, but need to workout in order to get in shape.

This is how many people see fitness, and I can see why. If you go into your average commercial gym, or pick up any fitness magazine or diet book, all you see is people ALREADY in shape and fit. Ever try one of the workouts in a magazine? Yeah those are for people ALL READY in shape and fit too.

How can you be expected to do jumping lunge skater hops and weighted pull ups, if you can't jump, lunge or do regular pull ups? It's like the entire industry is a cruel joke of already fit people needing newer more complicated ways of getting extra fit.

How are you supposed to break free of this paradox? Where do you start?

I'm going to tell you a secret:

If you want to look like that mega babe busting out deadlifts at your local gym, there is one thing you'll need to do......



There's no short cut, no magic trick, and most defiantly no prerequisites, you just have to start. It won’t look as pretty or be as much weight, and you will be uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. But the only way to get there is by doing it.

A lot of people try to escape this paradox with diet first. They feel they can do it on their own, and there’s no need to go to the gym yet. Once they diet off enough weight to look good in their gym clothes, they can hit the squat rack!

However, diets are generally temporary. They restrict food in a manner that is not sustainable for once you do hit the gym, and tend to build an ugly relationship with food.

Yay, dinner served with an equal helping of despair.

Yay, dinner served with an equal helping of despair.

Plus diets can be extremely difficult to stick to if you live with family members or roommates that are not on diets. Do you really want to cook two different dinners every night or buy special food just for you? Can you really control yourself after a rough day when you come home and see your kids mega sugary cereal just waiting for you to eat it? Plus every time you crash diet and fail you put yourself in a worst place both physically and mentally for trying again.

That's why we like to start people off with simply moving more. All you need is 15-30 minutes a day to yourself. You can start today, without having to buy anything, or go anywhere specific. You can walk around your neighborhood. You can lay on the ground and get back up over and over and over again. If that sounds boring or doesn’t leave you exhausted after a couple weeks, go to your local pool or take a class (trying a class is normally free) even if it seems above your skill level (any coach worth his salt can scale a class so anyone can participate). The more specific your goal, the more specific type of movement you are going to need.

It can seem hard to carve out the extra time at first. Jobs and family seem to fill up every extra minute.

The simplest way to find time is to incorporate it within or around a regular commute. On the way or before work or school, or after work or school before you get home. This also leaves you natural rest days if needed on the weekends or days off.

That little bit of time quickly leads to being more present and productive at work, having more energy and focused attention to give to your kids and/or partner, and can also lead to cravings for better foods. While exercise can suck, be uncomfortable, and totally miserable when you start out. It has quick benefits of boasting endorphins, regulating other hormones, and decreasing stress levels.

If you find yourself stuck in the fitness paradox, the only error is to wait. If you have to choose between something you can do tomorrow and something you can do now, the way to escape the paradox is to do something now.

And right now you can sign up for our class or a free session!