For most of you, regardless of your health history, size, or weight, exercise is still viewed as a want rather than a need. That's ok, I'm not here today to convince you otherwise. You have to come to that conclusion on your own. Even though most prescriptions for blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity medication tend to also come with a prescription for diet and exercise. AND most of those conditions are prevented with a balanced diet and regular exercise in the first place. No. Today I'd like to talk to you about that want.

Because you already signed up for a gym, or have previously been a member of a gym, or will join a gym after reading this. That means you have enough of a want for exercise to throw down money every month. But not quite enough of a want, to actually go to the gym on the semi regular bases.

So what are you hoping joining a gym will accomplish? Why did you originally decide to sign up AND pay that stupid "enrollment fee." When you do make it to the gym, are you taking advantage of the whole facility? For a lot of people, a gym becomes a treadmill and shower rental. Which is absolutely acceptable! Cardio health is super important, but i know my apartment complex has a treadmill, and the park has running and walking lanes, and i have a shower at home. If there are whole sections of your gym that you avoid, you aren't getting the true value of what your membership entails, AND you are literally paying a place to give you nothing. 

The top reasons I get for not using or avoiding parts of the gym are:

- I'm not into bodybuilding, i don't want to get all bulky.

- I feel like everyone is watching me/ feel self conscious on the gym floor.

-I don't know how to use the equipment/ don't want to hurt myself. 

- I don't want to end up in a gym fail video on youtube.

OK first things first....the bulky body thing.... and this goes for both men and women.... It's not lifting weights that makes people become or appear bulky.


What makes someone become or appear bulky is a mix of their hormones and how they eat, put together with HOW they are lifting weights. 

Secondly, nobody is looking at you. Nobody's looking at you cause they are too busy focusing on themselves, worrying that other people are looking at them, or in some cases, worrying that no one is looking at them, and of course, taking selfies.

Thirdly! I don't want you to get hurt either!! Not knowing how to use the equipment is the biggest contributor to feeling self conscious wandering the gym floor. Even the machines that are designed to simplify the process are cumbersome to adjust and have unhelpful instructions. Having an accountable-a-buddy, training partner, or friend can help with that process. You and your friend navigating the gym floor can at least be entertaining. 

You can also ask for help! There is plenty of information out there. You are currently reading a blog that covers information that can help you use a gym. There are plenty of books, and DVD's, and Youtube channels devoted to showing people how to use equipment properly. No one source is better than another, you can simply find one with a message you relate to, and follow that program. 

Sometimes even being armed with the correct information isn't going to be enough to actually do anything about it. Having someone to take you through workouts, show you how to use equipment, and move the equipment safely, could really help build your confidence on the gym floor. Not only have you now done it, but you know how to do it safely, and have been provided with a custom plan built specifically for you. A plan that you can confidently take to the gym floor on your own. 

Even if you don't feel like you accomplish much in the beginning, going to the gym on the regular basis will create healthy habits. Soon you will start to come back to the exercises you like, get inspired by other people you see, or just get more comfortable with your body being sweaty and out of breath in this weird environment.

That process is what a personal trainer is for. Your gym may even have some on staff. Working with a trainer doesn't have to be forever, but I encourage you to try it. Try it beyond the free complementary workout, and learn to make full use of your gym.

Which brings us back to that want. You want to see results. You want to feel healthy and energetic. But you don't want help? The number one reason people skip on using a trainer is because of price. It's understandable, since the per session cost and monthly cost tend to both be higher than your standard gym membership. The jump in price switches your “want” to a “don't need.”

Sure you want to lose weight, but you need new clothes. Yea you would like some definition in your arms, but you need to get drinks with your friends. You want to look good in your swimsuit, but you need to pay for the vacation. It is easy to justify other things you would spend your money on, because a need supersedes a want in priority. The problem with that hierarchy is that a lot of prioritized needs are really just wants you've built into a habit. The gym, or at least using the gym floor, is not a habit yet. That makes it awkward, and clumsy, and unfamiliar, and far more difficult than it actually has to be.

Unfortunately the only way you are going to actually get what you want out of your gym, is by making it a habit. In order to do that, other habits are going to have to make room and suffer. This includes financially based habits. It will be uncomfortable. Anything that has the potential to be life changing will make you uncomfortable. That doesn't mean you can't do it, just that it is different from what you're used to. And remember, what you are used to isn't working. That's the most important part here. It is also the hardest to accept.

So let me ask you a question.

How much are you willing to pay to keep your life exactly how it is right now? Because that's what your gym membership has become if you aren't making use of it, or aren't seeing progress on your own.

How much are you willing to pay to successfully make positive changes in your life? Because that is what personal training offers you.

I do realize the price jump can be unsettling, but I also want you to have every opportunity at seeing progress in the gym before giving up. So for a limited time, and a select number of individuals, I will include the monthly cost of your current gym, or the gym you are going to join after reading this, in the price of our training packages. Commercial gyms don't even do that with the price of there own training sessions!

I will also be offering single use, monthly sessions, that come with a month of programming to take to your current gym.

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