When I was 18, I was nearly 6 feet tall and 140 pounds...... with shoes and jeans and a hoodie. When I was 18 I joined a golds gym for the first time. I remember seeing people with arms bigger than my torso. I remember the machine I needed always being in use. I remember fighting with machines to adjust them to my gangly frame, and running away anytime someone walked by. I remember feeling like a rodent lost in a jungle. I remember feeling in the way, overwhelmed, and inadequate as human being. I was pretty sure I was an alien species that my parents found in a field somewhere.....You know.... Minus the sun giving me extraordinary powers.

Today I am 30. I am 6 feet tall and 165 pounds. I am stronger and faster than I've ever been before. Clothes actually mold to my body.

Even better:

I am a professional in the health and fitness industry. I own a personal training business. I have spent years, studying, researching, learning, practicing, and teaching others how to workout and eat to reach their goals. I've seen a number of people reach those goals, and others learn to maintain them.

And yet.

Every time I walk into a commercial gym, I still feel like I'm that 18 year old version of myself.

I am still timid about approaching the weights, and feel clueless fumbling with pins and stacks and seat adjustments on machines. I still get jealous of the guy with bigger arms than me, or the guy lifting twice my weight. I say things like “why the fuck does he get to have all the muscles! Leave some for the rest of us!.”

And I don't know why.

But I do know, that if after years of working in gyms, training clients, and seeing personal progress, I still feel out of place, insecure, and uncomfortable walking around a commercial gym floor, then chances are you will too.

While commercial gyms still make me feel awkward, that awkwardness now only lasts until about midway through my first set. The warm up is still awkward and I still feel in everyone's way while stretching. But once my heart is pumping and I'm moving through that first exercise all that goes away.

And that is mostly due to one big change:

Now I have a plan of attack.

Every time I enter the gym I know what I am going to do, and why I am going to do it. This gives me confidence in the work I am doing, and soon I find that I'm so focused on my own work I don't have the energy to worry about other people, or if I look like a gym fail video.

We want to help you get to that same level of confidence. We can build a plan of attack for you. Show you the correct form and talk you through how to get the results you want. That way the next time you walk into the gym you won't have to wander awkwardly and feel out of place for as long. You will be able to get lost in your workout, perform exercises confidently, and smash your goals!

If you're interested in learning how to have a plan of attack for using the gym click here to learn more and schedule a free session!