Fear is one of the most powerful emotions one can have. That is the reason so many political leaders use it to control the masses, why major news channels use it to boost their ratings, why parents use it to get kids to behave. The question is are you using it on yourself and to what end?

Most of us have dreams and goals we will never even attempt to go after because of fear. Fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of letting other people down, even fear of success. This fear doesn't come out of no where though, this fear is taught to us. Watch a young child play at the park, they have very little fear. They run full force towards the jungle gym. It is not until they fall off that they think about the repercussions. But they fall off, they hurt themselves, they cry, and the next day they run towards the jungle gym, but maybe not at full force, maybe they think a little bit about how it hurt, but still they run, and again they fall, and they get hurt, and they cry, and they come back the next day, and this time they walk to the sandbox because now they are afraid of the jungle gym.

When I was in high school I wanted to be an actor. I loved the work, and I knew it was my calling. I got into a prestigious acting school in Manhattan. I soaked up every once of knowledge I could. I loved it and I was positive I was set up for success. After the first year I was not invited back to the school. It was a little hard to take but I pressed on. I got head shots taken and I started sending out emails and going to open calls, but nothing happened. At some point I stopped trying. I still thought about it, still thought there might be a way, but I had stopped taking action.

This is the biggies failure I've had in my life and it still hurts and it makes me scared everyday. It took me a long time to accept being a full part of Everyday Superhero Training, to be passionate about it and take ownership of it. If it was just Julian's company and I was just help, I wouldn't have to face the fear that my passed failures had left me with. But if I had stayed in the limited box my fear had left me in, I would've had no room to grow. I had to face my fears and let go of my passed failure so I could embrace a new passion and a new life goal, and man am I glad I did.

Dealing with fear and mistrust is something we go through with every client. No one comes to us having never tried to get healthy or lose weight before. Everyone comes  with passed failures and fears that this too won't work. We have to rebuild a trust with each of them that was broken by fad diets and bad trainers that hurt them before. It's our job to get them to trust us, trust the process, and trust that they have the ability to change and the out come this time can be different. This is made harder by the fact that we don't have a miracle cure.

I wish we could tell people to take a table spoon of some super food and everything would be perfect but that's not what we're selling. All we have is some physical tools, habit building, slow growth, and change of mindset. We are here to teach you how to move, how to build health into your everyday life, how to change your relationship with food. It's a slow process but it's real change. The thing is we need you to not just trust us and the program, we need you to trust yourself. We need you to lay aside all of the fear of passed failures, the shame of embarrassing snake oil cures you may have bought into, and most of all the fear of the what happens if this time it works and you really do change. If you put in the work something will happen. I trust that.