The S.O.M.'s (Start On Monday's) are a sneaky, ninja like syndrome, known for debilitating attacks on productivity, enjoying life, and your stress levels. They effect everyone to some degree or another, so you should know you're not alone, and although they may appear similar to run of the mill procrastination, they are actually a breed of their own. When you procrastinate, the work in quesion eventually gets done. The work may be rushed or sloppy, but it gets completed. The Start On Mondays suck you into a time loop where somehow Monday either never comes, or just passed by. Which means none of the work in question ever gets done. As it gets worse you become aware of the fact that precisely zero work is being accomplished, and yet somehow remain incapable of doing any. If you are worried that you may be battling a case of S.O.M.'s, here are some things to look for:

  • Wanting to feel stronger, better, healthier, and not doing anything about it.
  • Saying things like, when I get more money I will be able to.
  • Saying things like when work calms down I will have time/energy to.
  • Feeling your butt is stuck to the couch.
  • Feeling guilty about the lunch you are eating at work.

In isolation none of these symptoms are serious. You may have a strong, butt shaped divot, in your couch, but that alone is not a reason to worry about the S.O.M.'s. You should be worried when you find yourself not enjoying the butt shaped divot in your couch, and arguing out loud about how your're tired of being tired all the time, but can't do anything about it until Friday night.....because sometimes the S.O.M.'s manifest on other days of the week!

Unfortunately there is no cure for the S.O.M.'s, BUT!!! there are things you can do to help coping with it, such as:

  • Remember! Objects in motion tend to stay in motion! This is also true for energy levels and productivity. It is much harder to get up and be productive on a day off, than it is on a work day. Getting a workout in around your work day, may not feel as intense but the consistency is going to give you better results and healthier stress management.
  • You may not be able to get to the gym until Monday, but today you can: Go for a walk on your lunch break, NOT order fries with that, do floor/mat work while watching your tv, NOT eat after dinner, and NOT eating while watching tv.
  • You may not be able to afford the crossfit membership, but you can: ASK for help!!!! Do a home video workout WITH FRIENDS, Use the jungle gym equipment at the park, enroll in my Task Force program, or TRY working with me before worrying about how you are going to pay.

Never let money keep you from bettering yourself! I am ALWAYS willing to work with someone that truly wants change.

Don't give in to the S.O.M's!!!! You can, in fact, start today! E-mailing me now would be a great first step!!