So you're all set to to start working out, you're going on a diet, this is the year you make it stick. You have your workout from a magazine, a protein shake, and new sleek gear. That's great! You have one hour of your week planned. Maybe one hour of your day. What are you planning to do the rest of the time? Because here's the thing, most of the habits and exercises you need for losing weight and or getting healthier this year are in fact not found in your gym. The gym (or other moderate to intense physical activity) helps some with your weight loss goal and is an important part of becoming healthy and maintaining your health, but mostly in regards to stress and keeping your heart, lungs, skeletal muscle, joints, ligaments, and brain strong and running smoothly. Which is a big part of feeling good and enjoying life. However. Most of us do not spend enough energy in our thirty minutes to an hour of physical activity to make up for the lack of energy use and over consumption done throughout the rest of our day. That is why busting your butt in the gym doesn't seem to be working. The work done outside of the gym will be the biggest factor in what type of results you see and how good your results will be.

The biggest mistake when looking for answers is assuming simple means easy. Because losing weight, gaining weight, or making any other healthy modification to your life is not easy. It is an ongoing battle that is equal parts effort and time. There is no set point at which you reach being healthy. BUT! The habits needed to see progress in your health goals are very simple, and I want to help you succeed! So I would like to introduce you to The Everyday Superhero Task Force; a simple, affordable, no nonsense approach to helping you build new habits and eliminate old ones.

Here is how it works:

  • E-mail asking to join the Task Force
  • Fill out the questionnaire that is sent in response (name, age, weight, etc...).
  • Receive your first Mission e-mail
  • Complete the daily tasks listed in the e-mail in order to accomplish the weeks mission
  • Continue to receive weekly missions until you say otherwise
  • If you see progress and would like to thank me, do so by paying what you can, when you can, using the donate button on the Task Force page, or in person of course if that is an option for you.

Check out the Task Force page for more info. You literally have nothing to lose... except for some weight and bad habits.