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Everyday Superhero Training


Everyday Superhero Training

What is Everyday Superhero Training?

Everyday Superhero Training is a nerd based holistic, personal training, group fitness, and overall wellness program taught through the modalities of RPG’s, video games, comic books, and pop culture nerdiness.

Our mission is to help you enjoy life as much as possible. Pursue your interests, chase excitement, indulge in the things that make you feel giddy.  We help give you the physical tools to do so more often, for longer periods of time, and to recover when needed. If that sounds like something you want, drop by and see what we are all about! Or sign up for our FREE newsletter, take a look of our blog, and check out the rest our website has to offer.

What is holistic personal training?

Being holistic simply means that we look at and pay attention to your WHOLE life. Not just the number on a scale, or the bulge of a bicep. Don't get us wrong, the bulge of your biceps are absolutely things we help you build towards, if that's your jam, but the process of getting your clothes to fit differently, or look differently in the mirror is done by looking at all of your habits, your current lifestyle, your work, your school, your anxieties, and your phobias. This helps you FEEL results in areas outside of the gym faster, and builds your results to be sustainable.

How do RPG’s, comic books, and pop culture nerdiness influence health, fitness, and wellness progress? That seems backwards.

We use two simple philosophies to help you reach and maintain sustainable results.

1) The distraction principle. We work hard to make a positive, light hearted, and safe environment. We gameify workouts, debate pop culture happenings, and focus on you have such a pleasant experience that you forget a workout was done.

2) Goal centric habit training. We find the things you already do, good habits you already have, and activities you already enjoy, and use your training program to get better at them. We call it training for the life you already live

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